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Most Recent

Sermons that have been spoken at the Sunday morning worship service in the past two months are available to download by clicking on the image saying Most Recent. If you would like a copy of the sermon on CD please send us an email at [email protected]. The cost of a CD with the morning and evening sermons on it is £1.


The Basis of Doctine of Irish Baptist Churches

In this series Pastor McBratney covers the Basis of doctrine of Irish Baptist Churches, covering what they believe and why. This study looks at the Biblical basis behind the doctine. To view or download this series of sermons, please click on the image title The Basis of Doctrine of Irish Baptist Churches.


King Jehoshaphat

Pastor Jonathan Rea conducts a character study on King Jehoshaphat- A Man Who Sought The Lord with all His Heart. This series looks in detail at the life of King Jehoshaphat and draws out principals which Christians can apply to their personal life. To view or download this sermon series, please click on the image titled King Jehoshaphat.

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