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Church building in the 1950's
Office Bearers 1948
Opening of the new church building in1975


In the early 1930's Glengormley was a small village. A tent mission was held in Portland Avenue. As a result a Church was formed in 1932. A new building was opened on the 24th May that year.

Over the succeeding years the church has had serveral pastors- Captain H. Hodgett, Pastor Boreland, Pastor Jack Johnston, Pastor David Burrows, Pastor Haire and Pastor Lyttle. It was during Pastor Lyttle's ministry that the need for a larger building was evident. This was opened on 22nd March 1975.

A new hall was constructed especially for youth work and was opened on the 20th April 1985, during Pastor Silas Henry's ministry. Dr George Gray succeeded Pastor Henry. The Church grew over these years as Glengormley grew. Pastor Mark Tweedie followed Dr George Gray until 2004. In May 2016 Steve Dodds took up the role of Youth Pastor before becoming Associate Pastor until 2022. While in September 2016 Pastor Jonathan Rea joined the church.

The emphasis of the church was and still is fellowship and mission, with society needing to be reached with the Gospel of Christ. The church reaches out to the local community through School's work, Ignite Youth Club, Ignite Groups, Youth Fellowship, Keenagers, Women's Fellowship and Men's Breakfast.

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