Jonathan was inducted on 9th September 2016 having accepted the call from his position at Lisnagleer Baptist Church. Previously Jonathan has served as a Pastor / Missionary in Santiago, Chile with GMSA (2 years at UCB Ramon Cruz Evangelical Church and 5 years at the UCB Monteverde Evangelical Church) and from there he served for 3 and a half years as Pastor at Lisnagleer Baptist. From Jonathan's visits to the church we knew that he was a man fully committed to the Lord's service wherever He should call. Indeed the whole family; wife Carolina and children Noemi and Timothy have shown their complete willingness to surrender to the Lord's plans throughout their lives. In Jonathan's own words "We are here because we believe that God has called us to this place."

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Associate Pastor

On  24th September 2016 Steve was inducted into the position of Youth Pastor before becoming Associate Pastor on 11th March 2020. Steve has attended the church with his family from a young age and was a leader in our children's and youth ministry. Soon after he commenced full time study at the Belfast Bible College the church committed to providing employment on completion of his studies. Steve is married to Faith with their first child due in February 2022.

Steve Dodds